Introduction – very important !

Hi ! My name is Oliver Zander and I live in Germany near Stuttgart. The last couple of years I learned everything about social media traffic. This page should help you to be successful on the web. I do not go too deeply into any topic because I think the most important thing you can do is to talk to others, there is not the holy gral in the social media. Do not spam, but help others, explain your business comes with time all by itself.

It is very important to build up trust first. There is so much informationen on the web, don´t make it to complicated. It´s all about communication. 

I show you my steps – and more important – I show you all my tools to become an social media magnet !

Before you get started I wanna show some awesome tools for putting your social media profiles together:

1.) IFTTT – „If this than that“ – get familar with this webside. It is absolutly free to join and to use. I give you now an example what this can do for you: If you post a picture on instagram, the same post goes automatically to twitter and facebook and make the same post. You save time !  But you can do a lot more with these tool.

2.) Use Hootsuite – this is a service to pay. But worth it. You set your social profiles and make „streams“. If somebody talks about your service or product, you get a notice and can join the conversation. Analytics, Auto Shedule and campains to getting leads is possible with this powerhouse. You can join for free and test this as long as you want.

3.) Buy this book:

4.) Track everything, use

5.) Never ever buy followers or use bots !

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime: zandersoft(at)

To your success !

Yours faithfully,

Oliver Zander