Social Marketing Google+

Google+ has over 25 Million (active) users. The advantage of Google+ is its integration with Gmail. This is owed to the idea of circles, around which Google+ groups everything. When you add someone to your network, you can mark the people as friends, family members or colleagues.


What does this mean ? If you post something on your Google+ account, it will go into the communities and at the same time you send mail(gmail) to your circles. It isn’t as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but it can help your search engine results in a positive way. Because google is still behind google+.

You can boost your business by the following steps:

1.) Use keywords in your profile.

2.) Get the right title for every post.

3.) Summary: Put really good content in your post. This shouldn´t be a „teaser“ or a „trailer“, put very awesome stuff in there.

4.) Engagement ! (Ask questions)

5.) Use Hashtags: but not more than three per post.

6.) Posting images: the content have to go hand in hand with the picture.

I wish you maximum success on google+