Social Marketing Pinterest

Pinterest is the number 1 social media platform for marketers who want to target women. 85% of their 100 million users are female.  The site can be seen as a giant, digital scrapbook.

Find a selection of your competitiors Pinterest pages and click on their followers. Go through and follow around 50-100 of their followers boards each day.(Do this around two weeks) You can also search for users based on hashtags relevant to your niche.
Now create between 5 and 10 boards of your own that span across a range of different topics. Each week, you should aim to create another 3-4 boards.Pin as much content from your website as possible into a selection of your different boards. Add long descriptons to each pin with 2-4 hashtags.Try to space this out – don´t pin too many things at one time or you´ll flood everyone´s feeds. Try to stick to no more than 10-15 pins in an hour.

Now, on a daily basis, go through your feed and repin around 10 pins onto your different boards – do
this twice a day.

You should have now more than 1000 followers. Repeat as you like.