Social Media Marketing Youtube

Youtube is now the number 2 in search engines…… and Google shows also a lot of youtube videos in the search results. You really should use youtube.

1.) Make your channel with a small picture of your profile. The larger picture should have to do with your buisness.

2.) Make as much as you can comments in the videos of others. Please don´t use robots, it´s possible that your account/channel will be closed. It´s not worth the risk.

3.) Use Tubebuddy :

Tubebuddy is youtube comform. With this tool you find all relevent keywords and tags, and also can check these on your competitors channel. It´s the best tool out there in internet land. Please check this out, it help´s me so much it´s unbelievable.

4.) Make cool thumpnails – you can also do that with tubebuddy.

5.) Good content in your videos.

6.) You have a lot of space for the description when you upload a new video. Use it and write a lot of content in it. Including your homepage links and all links to your social profiles.

7.) Most engagement is shown by videos under 4 minutes.

It´s easy, don´t make it more complicated then it is. I think  a lot of people are more afraid sitting in front of an camera. You have to do it, if you want to be successful online.

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